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Making An Appointment

To make an appointment you will need a current referral from your GP, optometrist or specialist.

About Referrals
A GP and optometrist referral for consultation is valid for 12 months.
A referral for a consultation from a Specialist is valid for 3 months.
The referral will also enable you to be eligible for a Medicare rebate on certain services.
For additional information on referrals please contact our staff.

Attending My Appointment
You will be greeted by our friendly reception staff upon arriving at and your details will be recorded.

How Long is an Appointment
The average duration of patient visits varies, depending upon the complexity of the case and whether it is a new patient appointment or a review appointment. You should make arrangements for two hours and ensure that you have a driver.

Our reception staff and booking staff are happy to advise you on this when making a booking or on the day of an appointment.

Tests are evaluated and discussed with you while you are still present at the Clinic.

After Your Appointment
The referring health professionals are kept informed of all diagnoses and the treatment plan.
A written report is sent to your referring doctor within one week after your visit or earlier if required urgently.

When necessary, your referring doctor will be contacted by the our doctor on the day of your visit.

Should any additional tests be required, our clinical and administrative staff will help in organising these appointments.

Preparing for Your Appointment
On the day of your visit please:
You will have your eyes dilated and will need someone to drive you.
Arrive 10-15 minutes before the allocated time.
Wear comfortable clothing.
Try and forward all new referrals to our clinic prior to your appointment.
If you are a returning patient, make sure you have a valid referral on file.

Fees and Payment
For information on our Fee and Payment Policy click HERE

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